3 Steps to Explore Google Algorithm


Google algorithm is the key of all internet wealth. People started the exploration from years ago. As a SEO profession, your career success is depend on how deep you know the algorithm. No one in this field become pros, without hard work and endless curiosity to know more deep about search algorithms. What makes algorithm exploration difficult is that it is a dynamic one, it changes frequently.


If you have a little analytic and research skills along with patience , then you too can become an explorer. You may feel tired and lost in half ways, but never give up. Today I’m sharing with you three steps to reveal Google algorithm.


Step 1 : Hear the basic from Google

Google sources are the best way to start exploration. There are plenty of sources available to learn algorithm from Google itself. While doing this step, you should always remember, Google never gonna tell you all about the algorithm. Their agenda is to keep it as secrete, then only search results will be free from spams. So you will only get basic idea from Google sources.


Google Webmasters YouTube channel

Webmaster Central blog

Webmaster Central Forum

John Mueller Google+ profile

Matt Cutts blog


These four are the main portals I used to hear from Google, you can even follow or listen them on other social media platforms like, Twitter or Facebook. John Mueller is the search trend analyst in Google and Matt Cutts is the head of webspam team. Personally, Matt’s YouTube sessions help me a lot in my initial stage.


Step 2 : Listen to the pros

When you are done with SEO Basics from Google, now its time to learn more detail about algorithm factors and changes. That you can only learn from the pros, who always keeping an eye and doing the experiments with algorithm. Plenty of peoples claiming themselves as pros in SEO. Never listen such peoples. Below, I’m listing few authority way to hear from pros.


Search Engine Journals

Search Engine Land

Quick Sprout Blog

Neil Patel’s blog

Feed the bot


This five site is not all, even i didn’t list moz. This five is my favorite, which i read regularly. You can make a list of pros to read daily. After few months of research, you will recognize, you are now having much knowledge in SEO and algorithm. Then it is time to start the third and last step of algorithm exploration.


Step 3 : Do the rest by experiments

Next is the final step of exploration, after that you will become a pro, who can even predict the future SEO changes too. First two steps are comparatively simple. So that doesn’t take much time. But to complete third step, you may have to sacrifice few years from your life span. Third step is your lab, where you will exercise theoretical knowledge that you gained from previous steps.


Experiments and analysis will gift you skills. You will learn what to do and what don’t. Actually the last step never ends, it just make your expertise level higher by each day. Even in the 3rd stage, you need to keep your knowledge updated with 1st and 2nd step periodically.



You might be landed on this page for grabbing the 3 steps, which will reveal search algorithm in an overnight. Then you mistaken, it is not such a short cut. These steps need patience, time and hard work. If you follow them, it will polish you as a real expert in search game. No one become SEO professional without following this steps.


As I mentioned above, SEO is a dynamic field. Where lot of changes happening everyday, so if you couldn’t reach it, then you will become so far in the race. Struggles and passion is the only way to make you stand among others.