All You Need To Know About Adwords Remarketing


Did you ever wonder how ads showing the same product that you have browsed few hours or days back?. This is because of remarketing. Remarketing is a way of advertising in which publishers can show their ads to users who have previously visited their website or product. As per studies, remarketing will give you much more ROI (Return Of Investment) than any other ad targeting.


Suppose you are looking for an iPhone in amazon store, and unfortunately before purchasing it you abort the plan. Guess if next day amazon shows you ad of the same phone on pages you browsing, definitely it will makes you rethink about the product and most probably you will buy it. This is how remarketing perform for online businesses.


Why Remarketing is important

There are plenty of chances an e commerce action get aborted, like lost internet connectivity, insufficient amount in user wallet, server error, confused customer etc. In such cases, as a business person you are loosing a chance to make your sale. Here comes the importance of remarketing ads. By integrating Remarketing with your website, you can display ads to potential users who already shows an interest on your business. You can call them back to your site.


By using remarketing technology, you are actually reminding customer about your business. This customers are already interested to your brand, so the conversion rate of this advertisement will be very higher than normal ads. Remarketing will help you to get inside the user’s mind, and force him to complete the action.


How Remarketing works

When you create a campaign with Google Adwords, they will provide you a code snippet to insert in your website. Actually that is a tracking code, which will track the user’s machine cookie. It will store the cookie ID to your remarketing list. You can create multiple cookie list, based on different criteria.


For example, you can make list for particular products, list of users who exit before purchase etc. Google recently updated remarketing with lot of controlls over the advertisement based on different filters and also it has more flexibility through Google Analytics integration. Remarketing opens a wide scope in display advertisement as well as contextual ads.


How to make a Remarketing Campaign effective

Now you know what is remarketing and how it works, but you should also need to know about how to make a remarketing campaign very effective. To make a campaign active, it’s remarketing list should have minimum of 100 Cookie IDs.


Also your ads should be highly relevant to the user to whom you are displaying. Adding some offers to encourage them back to your site will help to boost the performance. For example you could display a special discount to him.



Remarketing is a cleaver way to gain more sales from users who already visited your site. It can be implemented to gain more sales with less investment. Also it is very good way of approach to keep your brand in user’s mind. Because of its high ROI, and flexibility most advertisers showing interests on it. Remarketing will gave you more control over your ads based on different criteria.


A successful remarketing campaign can boost your sales into a great level. Soon i will come to you with a step by step article about introduction to Google Adwords. If you feel any doubt about our topic, feel free to drop a comment. Thank you.