An important SEO factor, that no one really cares


After publishing “More Penguin updates on 2015 ?“, my first blog journal. I have been thinking about a topic to explore in the next article. A lot of things passed through mind, but nothing seems fit for the purpose. Do you know, every writer’s biggest challenge is that to make a delicious cake from it’s ingredient. Now i can feel the same pain, but when we serve the cake, it gives us a high intense pleasure too. May be this is called as “Pain of Creation“.


Anyway let’s point on our topic, that important factor which no one really cares. What is that?, do you have any idea. okay, lemme speak about it. It is nothing except the handling of naked domain and fully dressed www version. Naked domain is that which doesn’t have a www in front of it, that means, – is naked domain & – is www version. It is very important that how we are handling these two domains. I can make it clear by an example.


See those two web pages, Page A and Page B. Search Engine will see and consider those two pages as separate. What if two pages having same content, same design, and same code ?…………..,    Yes penalty, content copy penalty.  So it is clear that what will be the impact if we ignore this factor, now decide, is it important or not.


We can resolve this issue in three ways, that are…


1. Naked domain redirection

The first way is setting redirection to any one of this domain to another. That means, if we want to keep, we need to redirect to www version, when some one try to access it. Redirection can be done in many ways, you can use some plugin, or can set redirection in domain admin panel or even you can write redirection rule in .htaccess file (which need a bit more programming knowledge).


Redirection can be done in two different forms, that are


a. 301 Redirection ( permanent )

On internet, every link has a HTTP Status code. If it is 200 that mean web page found, 404 means page not found, 301 & 302 are indicating redirection. We can discuss full HTTP Status code and their meaning in next post. but now we need to dig more about 301 & 302.


Both are redirection setting codes, but different. 301 is pointing to permanent redirection. Which is seo friendly redirection, because suppose we got a few backlinks for our naked domain and we set a redirection to www version. What will happen to our backlinks, which pointing to naked domain?. We will still get that link juice if we redirecting with 301 status code.


b. 302 Redirection ( temporary )

302 redirection is simply for temporary purposes, like when we click on an ad, it may guide us through several redirection which all are 302. They never pass any authority or link juice. So never use it for SEO related redirection.


2. Canonical tag setting

Canonical tag is a html tag, which we used to tell search engine that which domain is the exact one for that page. A canonical tag is structured like …


<link rel=”canonical href=” />

Which we insert before </head> (closing of header tag). Canonical tag is not only used for handling naked domain but also on all situation where a web page is accessible by two or more URLs. Say and is loading a same web page, in this case we need to declare which is the real URL of that page to search bot, here also canonical will save us from further penalties and issues.

3. Both redirection and canonical tag

The most preferred way of handling naked domain is with both redirection & canonical tags. It is just the combination canonical and redirection. That means, we do both ways. It is the best way of practice in view of SEO. Do you know why, because it handling copy content issue + backlink juice leak.



Use 301 redirection and canonical tags to handle the piracy issue when non www and www load same page. Most people doesn’t try to solve this naked domain issue, but they ran behind the keyword density and no of backlinks. I hope that i could convey my thought clearly with you. Don’t be shy to ask more regarding it through the comment section. Also i can’t express my happiness, when you take an initiative to take part in this conversion. Open your thoughts & wait for the next journal.