Is that Apple logo a tribute to Alan Turing?


Apple Inc a multinational technology company headquartered in America, which doesn’t need an introduction to make you aware about. That much popular, founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Moreover Apple is not just tech savvy company, it becomes a brand name for a high class lifestyle.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

In other hand there is a person who named as Alan Turing, you may not even heard the name (if you do, I appreciate that). Alan Turing is considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, he actually was a mathematician, cryptanalyst and logician.

During the Second World War, Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Bletchley Park, Britain’s codebreaking centre. He devised a number of techniques for breaking German ciphers, including improvements to the pre-war Polish bombe method, an electromechanical machine that could find settings for the Enigma machine. Turing played a pivotal role in cracking intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis in many crucial engagements, including the Battle of the Atlantic; it has been estimated that this work shortened the war in Europe by as many as two to four years.

But what happened to Turing was so tragedy, he was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts, which was a criminal offense at that time in United Kingdom. He choose to get meditation as alternative to prison. Turing died in 1954, just 16 days before his 42nd birthday. He got poisoned by cyanide. Still it’s not clear whether it is a suicide or accidental.

He bit an apple which laced with cyanide. It is a very old story, you can get more about Alan Turing from the movie The Imitation Game.

That apple logo, which is incomplete because of a bite taken out of it having some connection with this Turing’s story?. This topic have been discussed a lot years ago, so I’m not gonna do a research over it, but to present the conclusion in front of you which already have been got.

Rob Janoff
Rob Janoff

An interview of Rob Janoff, who created Apple logo clearly tells about this tribute story. That he wasn’t even aware about Turing at that time.

So, sadly Apple logo doesn’t come from the tribute to the father of theoretical computer science, who committed suicide becuase of accused for homosexual acts. People even thinks that the multicolored version in apple logo was a support shows to homosexuality, which wasn’t true actually.


Somethings are really like this, imagination is much wonderful than reality. Still this coincidence between Alan Turing and Apple logo remains as a mystery. Personally I would like to believe the story rather than reality.