An important SEO factor, that no one really cares

After publishing “More Penguin updates on 2015 ?“, my first blog journal. I have been thinking about a topic to explore in the next article. A lot of things passed through mind, but nothing seems fit for the purpose. Do you know, every writer’s biggest challenge is that to make a delicious cake from it’s ingredient. Now i can feel the same pain, but when we serve the cake, it gives us a high intense pleasure too. May be this is called as “Pain of Creation“.


Anyway let’s point on our topic, that important factor which no one really cares. What is that?, do you have any idea. okay, lemme speak about it. It is nothing except the handling of naked domain and fully dressed www version. Naked domain is that which doesn’t have a www in front of it, that means, – is naked domain & – is www version. It is very important that how we are handling these two domains. I can make it clear by an example.

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More Penguin updates on 2015 ?

Hello folks, as it is my first blog post, i’m a bit nervous. you may be going to experience an average or below average reading pleasure. But I promise that coming days will not be like this ;)


More penguin updates on 2015?, oh really !. Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, whatever is the algorithm name, a new search algorithm roll out date is simply like an exam result day. someone one will fail and some others will gain on search positions. But that doesn’t matter, consistency is depends on how you playing the game.

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