Google Map, a way to decorate local SERP listing


There is no point in introducing Google Map, because it is such a familiar web product that we can’t avoid in day to day life. But you may not aware about Google Map wasn’t built by Google. Sounds strange?, the fact is Google map was designed by two Danish brothers Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and in October 2004, the company was acquired by Google Inc. Then onward it become Google Map.


What i’m gonna tell you today is about a great opportunity to improve your SEO with the help of Google Map. I’m sure that this isn’t discussed well on internet. So most of you may not even heard about this hidden relation between Google Map and SEO. Yes!, an untapped way to beat your competitor easily.


Do you ever think about adding a place or business to Google Map?. It is quite simple and just a couple of steps enough. Well, then it is better to explain about “adding a business to Google map” before “relation between Google map & SEO”.


Steps to add a business to Google Map

  1. Go to
  2. Hit the button “Get on Google”.
  3. Now you are redirected to a Google map which having a search bar. It is just to confirm that your business isn’t added to Map before by yourself or someone else. Google hates the duplication of places in their map.
  4. What you have to do now is just search your business name in that search box.
  5. When the search result comes, you can see a portion “None of these match, Add your business” in the bottom.
  6. Hit that and it will lead to you an input filed which needs to fill with your business details.
  7. One thing you have to keep in mind while doing is the address you giving should be accurate, for verification Google gonna send you a postal card in the same address. And the map listing only be complete after you enter the verification code.
  8. Now wait for your verification post card and enter the code when it arrive.
  9. Now your business will starts to show on Google Map.


How Google Map listing decorate SERP

See the above screenshot of the search result page for query of “SEO Kites”. You may attracted by the first result, which is decorated with star rating, business address and telephone number. Also an information box in right side with much more details about the business includes it’s working hours. This is what i told you about decoration.


But it is not accessible on world wide, because it is only for local search. That means when a user search for it within the service area or nearby its door address, Google will make the result really informative by adding this elements. You know, the real use of map’s local SERP decoration is when a user search using his smartphone. There will be even a button to make a call to the shop. Imagine how this gonna boost your sale.


What you need for gaining this all, is only a Google Map listing with full of correct business details and a little patience. What ever we are handling with SEO, definitely patience is a key ingredient. After got listed in Google map, you can ask your friends to give a good rating and review to your business on map page. It helps to get a good star rating also faster the process.


And how Map listing improve SEO

So you are pretty sure about how map gonna decorate your local SERP, now let’s revel it’s relation with SEO. When Google serves you a Search Result Page, how many results will be on that page?, by default it is 10. Among those 10 results 70% of users will only visit the first three results. Suppose the fifth result got decorated by star rating, business address, and telephone number, your attraction will goes to it. And you may visit that page first.


Same happens on decorated local SERP, most users will visit our result which having stars and all even it is in middle of result page. That increase it’s CTR (click through rate). And when a particular result’s CTR improves, Google consider it as much relevant result and make it first on the result page. Cool…, isn’t it?


This is how Google Map Listing gonna increase your Search Visibility or SEO. Very simple, effective and hidden way to boost your organic traffic and to beat your competitor.



Okay just recall it all, today we discussed about how to get listed in Google Map, how the map listing will decorate local SERP, and finally how it will improve the SEO. Last day, when we discussing about an important SEO factor, i promised you our next blog post will be all about HTTP Status codes. But when i start to write about it, i feel it is not enough for making a good journal. Sorry guys, but you can find that stuff on HTTP Status Code List – Wikipedia.


As usual, i’m using this second paragraph of conclusion is to encourage your doubts. Yes, just ask me. The comment will be always open like my ears. Thanks & Regards from Navas ;)