Google Trends, a most powerful keyword tool


A common say, success is when people search your name on Google instead of Facebook. Can you identify whether people searching for you on Google or not. Imagine that we need to measure and compare popularity of two brands or celebrities, what we can do for that?. Will look on number of likes each brand get on Facebook?. Why can’t you just look on how many people searching for them on Google. That may give you accurate result of popularity or trend.


Google trend is a tool that Google officially released for us to check all the trends and stats behind search queries. It is an ultimate tool to compare keywords for identifying their trends between different time and Geo locations. Actually it having a lot of scope, but that depend on how you understand it and how you are using it. Besides of search insight, Google Trend is also help us to figure out YouTube video trend too.


Google Trends Features

You can make maximum out of Google trends, only if you know it’s features very well. Some guys may be familiar with Google Trends, even the may not aware of it’s full utilities, that may make them wonder again. So first I’m going to introduce you some highlighted features from Google Trends.


Previous Year in Search

This is a well written and designed story book, that will tell you what are the milestones of the previous year, now it is about 2014. Google pick top few trends from all across the previous year, and design it like a magazine with plenty of information. This is a real cool feature, that will look like a souvenir of the past.


Trending Searches

Trending searches is a list made up of hot trends based on each day. You can even filter them by your country or location. A live trend board to know what is today’s hot search. By using this feature, you can easily point out what is getting viral today.


Trending on YouTube

This is trend insight from the world’s largest video sharing network, we call it YouTube. Using “Trending on YouTube”, we can analysis which videos getting viral on each day and previous days.


Top Charts

As it’s name indicates, Top Chart is a chart list of trending items from different categories like, persons, movies, celebrities, gadgets etc. Which you can even break down by location and time based. This is the one which will show you who was the legend in that time on Google Search.



Finally the most helpful item, explore. Here you can do more insight of search database. You can compare up to five keywords at a time to know how their search trends are different, which getting more queries today. Even a forecast option is available to predict how they may perform in future, that is based on some probability calculations. This feature is having four filters to make your exploration keen. That are Country or Geographic location, Time period, category and type of search (web search, image, news, YouTube and shopping).



What if you need to get a news letter based on search trend that you wish to get updated each week or month. Don’t worry, for that Google introduces you Trend Subscription. Which will enable you to make an email subscription based on what trend stats you need to get updated. This is really a cool feature to them, who are in a research under a domain. They may not have enough time check it by visiting trend tool, Google makes the job simple by automated email of trend stats.


How Google trend is useful to you

Now we have learned what are the dishes served by Google trends. But that will not enough to use trend tool wisely. You need to be more creative to find out the use. I will give you few examples, in which Trend tool is acting like a charm.


Starting a new online business

Suppose you are going to start a new online business, in which your customers will buy product through online. In such situation, the use of Google trend is unaccountable. Say your new business will be flowers. Do you have any idea, in which country or region your business have scope?, use the Google trend explore tool to analyse the trend of keyword “Flowers Online” across different countries and find out where you have a great market.


In another case, you are doubt about whether to start a job portal or social network. Explore it on trend tool, you can see the difference in search volume between those two keywords in different location and time period.


Looking to buy a domain

We know, presence of keyword in domain having greater influence on search visibility. So you are confused about to buy “” or “” as your domain for a recipe website. Here also you can use Google trends to identify the difference between those two words based on search volume. More trendy keyword included domain may increase your sales more.


Creating a PPC campaign

Are  you going to create an AdWords campaign for you online business which is targeting uses from San Francisco, you can pick keywords that having trend on the same geographic location. Google trend here also an unavoidable one.


Are you a YouTube marketer

YouTube is a great place to find audience for your business, but for a successive marketing you need to know what is the current trend on YouTube. For that you have Trending on YouTube feature from Google Trends.


Wish to become a Social Media Star

Identify the current day trend search in your location to post related items on your social network page, then only it will become viral and will make your reach higher.


If you are thinking well, you will able to list nearly hundreds of situations where Google Trend is a helpful tool. I can even list more, but that may make this post lengthy one. Whenever you are facing a situation to pick keywords or trend topic, then always Google Trend is unavoidable.



Google trend, a really cool insight tool to explore search data from Google database. No one can avoid it if he related to online businesses. Today we discussed different features from Google trends and also I have listed few real life situations where Google Trend perform well. The rest is your job, to find out maximum situations where you can wisely use this magical tool.


Knowledge is like light, it is only useful when it available to the people who are in dark. The one who spared the knowledge is become a teacher, so try to be a candle yourself to your loving one by spreading the knowledge. Thank you :)