How to build Backlinks from Google, Yahoo & YouTube


Backlinks are known as fuel of SEO. From the beginning of search engine evolution, webmasters ran behind link building strategies. Some lazy geeks even invented magical softwares, which are capable to generate hundreds of backlinks from a click. Nothing could survive, except the organic ways of link building.


There are plenty of ways to get backlinks without any illegal or spam techniques. Today i’m writing down few easy ways to gain backlinks that all are from reputable websites, Google, Yahoo & YouTube. So it will helps to increase your page authority too.


Backlink from YouTube

Technically YouTube is the world’s largest second search engine becuase of it’s number of searches happening every second. This Video sharing giant is also from Google inc. So there is no doubts regarding it’s reputation or authority. Gaining a link from it is not an easy task, but it is. For that you have to sign up with YouTube using your gmail ID, and then upload a video (never steal video from YouTube for uploading).


During video upload YouTube will show a provision to enter few description regarding the video. In that text field you can place your backlink, simple and effective. If your video is related to linking website (same niche), that will make the link more natural and will pass bit more link juice.


Backlink from Yahoo

Now what?, we are planning to place a link on Yahoo. First you have to get an account on Yahoo Answer, which is a question answer forum powered by Yahoo. When you become a member on it, you will be on level one. Based on your activity in that forum, you may get promoted. When become a level two member, you will be able to accomplish our mission, placing backlinks.


After you got level two membership, brows through questions that related to your website, answer few of them with a reference link pointing to targeted website. That’s it, you made a source to build few backlinks from an authority site in natural way.


Backlink from Google

Don’t you wonder, that you are gonna gain a backlink from Google itself. Google has a lot of forums based on their several products, in our mission we are going to approach on “Google Webmaster Forum“. This forum is for discussing webmaster’s doubts with experts from Google. So when you visit this forum, post a question regarding your site’s SEO or something and don’t forget to place a link bye requesting them to have a look on your site.


Whether they visit or not, you gain a quality backlink from Google domain, a great achievement without any spam techniques. Similarly like Webmaster forum, Google also have forums for Analytics, Adwords, Adsense etc, you can use them too for gaining links. Don’t over do it, just post a single question on a forum and question should be matching to the forum purpose.



These three Link building techniques are safe and natural, until you do it in normal way. Don’t over do with this, because you are directly playing with internet giants. Just use Google forums only once or maximum twice. In case of Yahoo answer and YouTube, you can use them to build tens of links but never built more than 2 links in a week.


When you get a hundred backlinks within a night, search engine will really treat you bad. So keep your strategy normal and natural. Otherwise be ready to accept the penalty too. Ask me if you are not clear on this tutorial, i’m always happy to help my readers :)