More Penguin updates on 2015 ?


Hello folks, as it is my first blog post, i’m a bit nervous. you may be going to experience an average or below average reading pleasure. But I promise that coming days will not be like this ;)


More penguin updates on 2015?, oh really !. Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, whatever is the algorithm name, a new search algorithm roll out date is simply like an exam result day. someone one will fail and some others will gain on search positions. But that doesn’t matter, consistency is depends on how you playing the game.

when Sergey brin and Larry page were introducing Google, the main pillar behind search game was “Pagerank”, an innovative concept for a better search result page. Without that idea, Google may not able to overcome existing search programs.


” Pagerank – webpage ranking technology based on the quality and quantity of backlinks that each page having”


From that moment onward, Google’s research was mainly focused on improving search result quality. Google comes with new ideas to improve their search page, SEO geeks manipulate them. So the evolution continues, new algorithms, new quality guidelines, penalties, etc.

2014 become a witness for the death Google’s Pagerank, the giant’s initial innovation. so what will be in 2015?


Frequency of algorithm updates

On October 2014, Google rolled out three algorithm updates. Recent days, algorithm update frequency become very high. lot of updates, and changes happening on SEO. This shows, how they are going to switch the game. No more spammy backlinks, keyword stuffing, meta tag optimization. The future will only depends on quality of content, quality of design, quality of user experience.


How to survive from these changes?

Well, the exact solution is, “Google is evolving, so you have to”. Drop your old and outdated ways of SEO. Concentrate on user experience rather than backlinks and keywords. Spent your time to analyze the trends, be a part of the change. In my point of view, the only survivors in this evolution will be those who are pointing to their user experience, quality and newer technologies. Try to learn and experiment with semantic search, structured data, social media impacts etc. Because the new age will be full of them.



If you are focusing on quality, experimenting with technology, aiming on user behaviors, then you don’t have to be panic. Frequency of algorithm updates will help you to get indexed faster. Stop your race behind the backlink quantity, just create an environment to get natural backlinks. That will be the key of SEO success in coming days.


What do you think about these changes, and how they affect your strategies. Don’t forget share your thought and experience with us. :)