Two Backbones Of Google Inc

Google, a student start-up by Larry page and Sergey brin. This is how Google known in the initial stage, but now?. Honestly, when I hear the word Internet, it will bring Google’s picture into my mind. That’s what Google’s influence now. When a person connect to the Internet, the first page he may going to browse will be Google.


Google is a giant network now. From search engine to social media , they having a wide variety of services. Cloud storage, video broadcasting, mail server, app store, book library, blogging platform so on. No one can even list Google services without two blog post. That I will do soon. From these all online products/services, they are getting millions of dollars every day. But their main income source or backbone of their finance is just two products. That is our topic today.

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All You Need To Know About Adwords Remarketing

Did you ever wonder how ads showing the same product that you have browsed few hours or days back?. This is because of remarketing. Remarketing is a way of advertising in which publishers can show their ads to users who have previously visited their website or product. As per studies, remarketing will give you much more ROI (Return Of Investment) than any other ad targeting.


Suppose you are looking for an iPhone in amazon store, and unfortunately before purchasing it you abort the plan. Guess if next day amazon shows you ad of the same phone on pages you browsing, definitely it will makes you rethink about the product and most probably you will buy it. This is how remarketing perform for online businesses.

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