3 Steps to Explore Google Algorithm

Google algorithm is the key of all internet wealth. People started the exploration from years ago. As a SEO profession, your career success is depend on how deep you know the algorithm. No one in this field become pros, without hard work and endless curiosity to know more deep about search algorithms. What makes algorithm exploration difficult is that it is a dynamic one, it changes frequently.


If you have a little analytic and research skills along with patience , then you too can become an explorer. You may feel tired and lost in half ways, but never give up. Today I’m sharing with you three steps to reveal Google algorithm.

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Secrets of Google Penguin Algorithm

Algorithm is a set of rules how search results generate from millions of matching websites. To make results more relevant, every search engines roll out new changes to their Algorithm periodically. The major Google algorithms are penguin, Panda and humming bird.


Penguin is dealing with all the spam activities that webmasters doing for optimization their page. Because of that, penguin become a nightmare to them. Backlink spamming, Keyword stuffing, anchor text over optimizing etc are counted as over optimization and penguin will treat them by penalties.

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More Penguin updates on 2015 ?

Hello folks, as it is my first blog post, i’m a bit nervous. you may be going to experience an average or below average reading pleasure. But I promise that coming days will not be like this ;)


More penguin updates on 2015?, oh really !. Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, whatever is the algorithm name, a new search algorithm roll out date is simply like an exam result day. someone one will fail and some others will gain on search positions. But that doesn’t matter, consistency is depends on how you playing the game.

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