Advanced Meta tags for Social Media Optimization

Social Medias are grown enough to make even a revolutionary movement in a country. It has a lot of influences over the world. When it comes to SEO, social media is an unavoidable factor. Likes, Tweets, Shares etc having major role on search algorithms. Also social medias are capable to give you initial traffic to your website even before you get indexed by Search Engines. This how social medias are important, so today we are going to learn some advance meta tags for optimize your website with all major social media sites.


Meta tags are very familiar to all most all webmasters, some even stuff their site with tons of keywords in their meta. Whatever it is, we all are doing it for optimizing our site for search ranks. Did you ever heard about meta tag that we write for Social Media Optimization, probably not. Don’t worry, today you will learn it. Let’s proceed to it.

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