An Ultimate Guide for On Page SEO

Optimizing a website for Search Engine can be classified as two parts. One is on page SEO and other is off page SEO. As their name indicates, the first one deal with all the activities that take place inside the page or it’s source code. And off page activities don’t have any direct connection with the website. What makes them different is that, for doing on page activities, you need admin access. But off page activities doesn’t need it.


By on page optimization activities, what you are really doing is that you making your site as per Google quality guideline. There is a set of recommendations by Google about the structure and quality of a website. A webpage will rank on search engine only if it follows them clearly. So on page optimization is very important and without that, your SEO will be a total fail. In this article we are gonna take a deep look on all the aspects of on page SEO.
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