Google Trends, a most powerful keyword tool

A common say, success is when people search your name on Google instead of Facebook. Can you identify whether people searching for you on Google or not. Imagine that we need to measure and compare popularity of two brands or celebrities, what we can do for that?. Will look on number of likes each brand get on Facebook?. Why can’t you just look on how many people searching for them on Google. That may give you accurate result of popularity or trend.


Google trend is a tool that Google officially released for us to check all the trends and stats behind search queries. It is an ultimate tool to compare keywords for identifying their trends between different time and Geo locations. Actually it having a lot of scope, but that depend on how you understand it and how you are using it. Besides of search insight, Google Trend is also help us to figure out YouTube video trend too.

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3 Steps to Explore Google Algorithm

Google algorithm is the key of all internet wealth. People started the exploration from years ago. As a SEO profession, your career success is depend on how deep you know the algorithm. No one in this field become pros, without hard work and endless curiosity to know more deep about search algorithms. What makes algorithm exploration difficult is that it is a dynamic one, it changes frequently.


If you have a little analytic and research skills along with patience , then you too can become an explorer. You may feel tired and lost in half ways, but never give up. Today I’m sharing with you three steps to reveal Google algorithm.

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An Ultimate Guide for On Page SEO

Optimizing a website for Search Engine can be classified as two parts. One is on page SEO and other is off page SEO. As their name indicates, the first one deal with all the activities that take place inside the page or it’s source code. And off page activities don’t have any direct connection with the website. What makes them different is that, for doing on page activities, you need admin access. But off page activities doesn’t need it.


By on page optimization activities, what you are really doing is that you making your site as per Google quality guideline. There is a set of recommendations by Google about the structure and quality of a website. A webpage will rank on search engine only if it follows them clearly. So on page optimization is very important and without that, your SEO will be a total fail. In this article we are gonna take a deep look on all the aspects of on page SEO.
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How to get Google Page Speed Score 100/100

Page Speed Insight is an online tool by Google developers to check how your website performing regarding it’s speed, it check whether a site follows Google speed guidelines. Based on several speed affecting factors, page speed insight give score to each page for mobile loading as well as desktop. This score is given out of hundred. If your website follow every guidelines, then your score should be 100 out of 100.


From 2010 Google start to consider site speed as a ranking factor in their algorithm. Beginning it was a small factor which affect less than 1% search queries. But now it should be a strong factor because Google is focusing more on happier customers than keyword density and meta tags. Actually Google is no more looking into your meta keyword and description, but still people spending more time to make their meta richer. May be investing these time for optimizing your page speed will give you more returns in search rank.

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Secrets of Google Penguin Algorithm

Algorithm is a set of rules how search results generate from millions of matching websites. To make results more relevant, every search engines roll out new changes to their Algorithm periodically. The major Google algorithms are penguin, Panda and humming bird.


Penguin is dealing with all the spam activities that webmasters doing for optimization their page. Because of that, penguin become a nightmare to them. Backlink spamming, Keyword stuffing, anchor text over optimizing etc are counted as over optimization and penguin will treat them by penalties.

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