15 Tips to make your website load faster

Search Engines getting smarter in every day. Search engineers implementing more factors to measure the user behaviors. Among those factors, website load time is an important one, in which we need to keep our attention for gaining better results in coming days. Web page load time can also affect your business too.


As per studies 100 Millie seconds increase in load time will cause 1% loss to Amazon’s revenue. User began to drop a website, when it’s response time taking more than 2.5 seconds. Load time can influence lot of Search Algorithm factors like, bounce rate, number of page views per session, returning visitors, time spent on web page etc. We already discussed about how user behavior can effect SEO.

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20 Spam Link Building Techniques

Every time webmasters found new ways to do link building, most of them are spam and black hat techniques. Penguin algorithm changes comes with penalties for those who practicing these spammy backlink tactics. What makes me wondering is that still people using even link building software too. If you wish to get away from penalties, it’s the time to recheck your link building strategy.


So today i thought to make something that will inform you about old and outdated link building techniques. I have created an infographic for that. 20 spam link building tactics, that you should stop in 2015. If you are still following any of this method, you might be doing wrong. Download PDF version here.


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How to build Backlinks from Google, Yahoo & YouTube

Backlinks are known as fuel of SEO. From the beginning of search engine evolution, webmasters ran behind link building strategies. Some lazy geeks even invented magical softwares, which are capable to generate hundreds of backlinks from a click. Nothing could survive, except the organic ways of link building.


There are plenty of ways to get backlinks without any illegal or spam techniques. Today i’m writing down few easy ways to gain backlinks that all are from reputable websites, Google, Yahoo & YouTube. So it will helps to increase your page authority too.

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How user experience can affect SEO [case study]

We already heard user experience have greater influence on SEO. But do you ever think how deep it can effect search visibility, it can even throw your web site into trash. Sound strange?, i am able to make it proven because, unfortunately i’m experienced with how a bad user interface will kill a web site.


Before sharing my experience, let’s go through some theoretical side evidence that will certify relation between UI/UX and SEO. Any one who do a little study on this will land on same conclusion that we are gonna reach. A common say in marketing we know “Customer is the king“, same is in case of websites. Our customers are our web user’s, we need to treat them as like a king.

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3 Epic Backlink Strategies that will inspire you

The hardest job in Search Engine Optimization is planning and executing a great backlink strategy. You may be thinking that “I don’t really care about a strategy”. Yeah, not only you, most people don’t try to create plan or strategy for their backlink job. They just ran fast as they can behind traditional ways to gain links. Do you know, your backlink scheme shouldn’t be a sprint, but it should be a Long-distance running.


When your ran fast behind it, you will get tired. So act like a long run, save your breath for a really long journey. What Google means when they start to count the backlink is to measure the virality of a content. But most people try to manipulate it by gaining artificial backlinks. Why don’t you dream about a day when your piece of content will get viral and give you backlinks like a golden goose. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?.

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